Model: Rhino Lexy

RHINO Lux Sewing Machine Stand fitted with Laminated Plywood Table is most suitable for all types of Luxury and high-tech Sewing Machines for all Professional and Amateur and Designers. Light weight compared to conventional Stand. Appearance, Aesthetics, Operational convenience, Durability, are given paramount importance. Longer and wider table is most convenient for easy manoeuvreing cloths for conveniently and faster sewing. All technical details of Sewing Machine Stand Tables are given below:

RHINO Pro Sewing Machine Stand:

Material HR Steel of high thickness. Tuffened.
Treatment 3 Tank Preservative Treated for anti rust.
Surface Power Coated with 300 Micron Coating.
Joints Mig Welded for durability.
Lock Liver High Quality Hardened SS, Power Coated
Hinges Hardened SS 3 mm Treated & Power Coated
Screws | Fasteners High Quality SS Treated & Power Coated
Stand Color
Rubber Bushes Natural virgin Rubber for longer life.
Corks and Caps High Density virgin PVC.

RHINO Pro Sewing Machine Table

Material BWR Grade Plywood, 20 mm thickness.
Treatment Preservative Treated for Border, Termite & Fungi.
Laminate Decorative Laminate of 0.80 mm thickness.
Bonding Hot Pressing with Hot Melt Adhesive.
Laminate Designs
Edges Preservative Treated and Painted.
Weight Total Stand & Table is 16 Kgs Approximate.
Pack Weight Packed Weight 19 Kgs Approximate
Packing Quantity One Sewing Machine Stand and Table.
Packing Method Carton Box with suitable Pouch.
Assembly Instruction See Assembly Manuals or Video.
Warranty Card 5 Years from Invoice Date.
Tool Kit Contents Hinges, Tools, Washers as per requirements.

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